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At Costumes Plus® we carry a large selection of hand-dipped incense that is made regionally and sold in bulk. This gives you the option of buying as many sticks as you choose of a particular scent without being bound by package quantities. 11 inch sticks are 10¢ each or 99¢ /dozen, while the Jumbo sized sticks, with a 3 hour burn time ,are 50 cents each or $3.99/dozen. We also carry a large selection of Japanese incense, Indian and Tibetan incense as well as Smudging Sage, Palo Santo Sticks and Resins.

The power of smell has more of an effect on the brain than we realize.

When you smell something pleasant, your brain automatically begins to calm down and find balance.

People have used incense for countless years in many different cultures for a variety of purposes. Some of these include; for ceremonies, to overcome bad smells, repel insects, spirituality, aromatherapy, meditation and for simple pleasure.


incense and Smudging Sage